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November 2022

Cape Town Global

Congratulations to Adi Ovaleker, Advait Swaminathan and Aswath Ramachandran on their fantastic achievements at the World's Scholar Cup (WSC). The team travelled to Cape Town, South Africa and they did exceptionally well at the Global Round Competition, “A World Re-Renewed” challenge. They successfully competed in the 4 events – the Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, Team Debate, and Scholar’s Bowl.

They were the youngest team competing in the Senior Division against 200 scholars and 70 teams with 10 countries around the world. The WSC curriculum is broad and extends beyond the syllabuses learnt in school. Judges were looking for the scholars to excel individually and as a team. We are proud of their achievements!

Akshita Sharma wins the “Outstanding Story” Award
IKCC Scratch Coding Competition (Grade 5A)

Akshita Sharma from Grade 5A won the “Outstanding Story” Award. She competed against 385 students in the 9 to 10 years category.

The judges were looking for a newly created coding with the theme “Time Machine” using original idea and innovative creation of multiple Scratch objects and elements to design stories and animations.

Akshita was passionate about coding from a young age. Her journey began from drafting a story on notepad and moving on to building blocks designs of her project using Scratch, creating faces, costumes, rooms, and backdrops. She used coding and logic to make the project work together!

Senate Camp

We had our very first Senate Leadership Camp on 11 – 12 November 2022 at Chai Chee Campus. The student leaders got to learn and develop strong leadership skills, team-building skills, positive attitudes, and soft skills. The 2 day-camp has encouraged them to be independent and responsible, instilling a greater sense of self-awareness too. It was a wonderful learning journey for the students.

Winner 1st Place – Best Entry Slogan Contest 2022

Congratulations to Kiyara Khanna of Grade 4C who has won the 1st place for Public Transport Workers’ Appreciation - Best Entry Slogan Contest 2022. She was challenged to create a slogan under the Singapore Kindness Movement act to celebrate the role of Singapore Public Transport Workers showing support and appreciation for the Transport Workers. Kiyara competed against 1,700 participants and out of which, 37 NPSIS' entries were shortlisted. She entered into the final public vote and won the contest!

She took home rewards and tokens which were presented by Mr S. Iswaran, Minister for Transport at the Public Transport Workers Carnival. It was truly an amazing and fruitful experience for Kiyara!

Link to winners’ page:
Photo credits: LTA Singapore

October 2022

Model Environmental Summit (MES)

It was a great learning experience at The Model Environmental Summit (M.E.S) as students got to learn about climate change and other environmental issues. A meaningful and unique conference designed on the principles of MUN (Model United Nations) to create a platform to discuss anthropogenic environmental changes in various countries and immediate actions that can be taken to reverse or end it.

The summit was a great opportunity for share knowledge on the problems of the environment and discuss and debate potential solutions. The event welcomed a representative from Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) and a charity sum of $500 was donated to the society. Funds were also used to purchase 15 saplings to start a community garden in Chai Chee Elderly Blocks.

Music Concert

Another memorable CAS Activity by our IBDP Year 2 was “REWIND”- a musical concert organized by our students, led school band - "Volante Musical Band" on the 31st of August 2022. A student conceived & organized musical extravaganza brought together a series of beautiful songs that mesmerized the audience. The main aim was to raise funds and spread awareness of mental health issues faced by the youths. The funds raised was donated to Singapore Association for Mental Health. A great learning journey for our IB Year 2 students, great collaboration, commitment, perseverance, and leadership skills were honed as they worked through the challenges to make a difference in the community in their own innovative ways.

National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships – Gold Medal

Congratulations to Aadya from Grade 4 who has won the Gold Medal at the 47th National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships! She has competed with players from 8 academies and achieved victory by successfully knocking down all her opponents and scoring the most points over 2 rounds of matches under 31kgs category!

World Scholar Cup – Bangkok

12 students from Grade 10 have participated in the Mega Event held at Bangkok dated 2nd to 7th September organised by World Scholar Cup. Congratulations to all the students who have won several “Gold Medals” at the “A World – Renewed” event. They have competed with a global round of 1600 students, 120 schools and 21 countries (Australia, New Zealand Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Maldives, Hong Kong and Turkey) in this Global round.

Out of 1600 students, Karen Monie has won 12 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals for 3rd best individual scholar, and she has been selected to lead a team. All winners are qualified for the final round “Champion by Champions” at U.S. Yale coming November!

Their missions aimed to inspire other student with a love of learning, build confidence in new skills and creating a sense of global belonging.

63rd National Schools Team (Chess Championship 2022)

NPS entered a total of 7 boys and girls chess teams at the 63rd Singapore Chess Federation National Team Championship open to both National and International schools. A total of 49 teams participated in the Under 9 event and 67 in the Under 11 event. Our teams all played well winning many individual matches in the round robin tournaments. Throughout the day all students showed great sportsmanship, skills, concentration, and teamwork. In the Girls Under 9 event, NPS Girls came first in the international event, winning the gold medal in the International Schools section. In the Girls Under 11, the NPS girls team again came first in the international schools’ competition winning the gold medal. Congratulations to all our players on their achievements and our special thanks to the Singapore Chess Federation for organising the championship!

September 2022

Kiyara Khanna - Distinction in Trinity College London Acting
Team Chess Tournament

Our heartiest congratulations to Yug Holla (Grade 5) for winning the 2nd Prize, and Ishaan Gupta (Grade 5) for winning the 4th Prize at the Jurong Spring National Day Racial Harmony - Team Chess Tournament 2022! The prizes were proudly presented to the students by Jurong GRC MP Shawn Huang Wei Zhong. Both students have battled through the challenging and exciting game! They have successfully competed with a total of 184 players across 46 teams at one of the first large-scale “face-to-face” tournaments in Singapore since 2019. This exciting tournament was organised by the Singapore Chess Hub & Singapore Chess Federation.

NPSI Singapore Secondary Sports Day 2022

It was an exciting Sports Day for the Secondary School after two years, a much-needed return to the athletic tracks. The event was watched and cheered on by teachers, parents, and grandparents. We celebrated the occasion with joy on 26th August at SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design). The competitive atmosphere was electrifying and interspersed with NPSI spirit, learning opportunities like building good character, strong leadership, and resilience! “Voyagers” won the overall trophy after 12 years with 506 points! “Explorers” came second with 500 points, followed by “Pioneers” and “Discoverers” with 489 and 474 points, respectively.

Kiyara Khanna - Distinction in Trinity College London Acting
Distinction Award – Trinity College London

Congratulations to Kiyara Khanna for her achievement in achieving a “Distinction” in the Initial Speech & Drama award from Trinity College London. She has successfully read an excerpt from Enid Blyton book and recited the poem “Marrog” from Mars by R.C. Scriven. A great experience and excellent accomplishment for Kiyara to add on to her life-learning journey! She continues to excel.

TOK Exhibition

The IB students were excited to be part of the first face-to-face TOK exhibition this year from 29th - 31st August. A unique feature of the IB Diploma Programme, the exhibition is part of the assessment and programme requirements. A fantastic platform for IB Year 2 students to present their perspectives on questions such as: “What is a good justification for a knowledge claim?”, “Are some types of knowledge more open to interpretation than others?”, “How far is certainty available?” among others. Teachers, parents, and students from other grades have attended the exhibition, and they were quite fascinated by the range of ideas presented! It was an exciting three days for the students!

August 2022

Secondary Graduation Day
Language Week 2022. Bringing Learning to Life!

Language Week is a much anticipated and popular event in the NPS Primary Calendar. The language week celebrates all elements of Language including speaking, reading, listening, and writing. This year, The Magical World of Roald Dahl celebrates the wonderful books, characters, plots, and language imagined by this amazing author.

Run as a House Competition, children were able to participate in competitions and this montage is a snapshot of the many exciting activities shared across the school!

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NPSI Singapore Carnival 2022
NPSI Singapore Carnival 2022
IGCSE & CBSE Results 2022

Congratulations to IGCSE 10, CBSE 10 & 12 students who have done exceptionally well with a high school aggregate results - 88% of A*/A in IGCSE, 91.6%% in CBSE X (a school record) and 85.7% in CBSE XII.

Ahan Kumar and Pisharoody Aniruddh Vinod have scored a perfect 100% in IGCSE Additional Mathematics, and they are both awarded the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award – Top in the World. Congratulations!

We would like to give our hearty thanks to the leaders and the dedicated teachers who have taught and guided the students.

NPSI Carnival 2022
NPSI Carnival 2022 is back!

Welcome to NPSI Carnival 2022! We are back bigger, better, and live at the NPSI Singapore Campus! Exciting performances, rides, games, contests, delicious food, and fun-filled activities all waiting for you to come and enjoy! Do share the post and spread the news of the NPSI Carnival 2022, which promises to be an exciting day, with your friends and families. We look forward to seeing all of you!

Please ensure to bring along proof of vaccination or proof of age in case of child below 12 years of age.

Alumni Event Get-together!
12th August 2022

It was a wonderful Alumni Event night with several of our alumni who wanted to reconnect with NPSI and its live campus. The old camaraderie and fun came out as the alumni interacted with many teachers, students and the school leaders. Wishing them success in all endeavours. A bigger event is being planned for 2023.

Aanya Rao -The Diana Award recipient
Ria Bhatia - Awarded a Distinction with Trinity College London

Congratulations to Ria Bhatia from Grade 2! She was awarded a “Distinction” for the Acting (Solo) Examination in the worldwide competition with Trinity College London.

She has competed with 850,000 students across 60 countries! She continues to excel in her performance skills!

July 2022

Aanya Rao -The Diana Award recipient
Alice in Wonderland Creative Dress-up

The Primary Students had a fun time stretching their imagination through “Alice in Wonderland” dress-up theme! They were truly engaged with the music and dance! The activity helps to encourage and develop creativity and social skills.

Aanya Rao -The Diana Award recipient
The Diana Award 2022

Congratulations to Aanya Rao (IBDP Year 1, 2022-24)! She is one of the recipients of “The Diana Award 2022". One of the highest globally recognised awards a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts and empowers young people to make positive change! The award established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, is given out by the charity of the same name and has the support of both her sons, The Duke of Cambridge, and The Duke of Sussex.

In 2018, Aanya was accompanying her relative to his dialysis sessions, when she was struck by the monochromatic feel in the dialysis centre. In June 2020, Aanya founded ‘Art:Connect’, a student-led initiative connecting the student art community with residents and patients of healthcare centres. Their philosophy is underpinned by the slogan, “Art can, and will, heal the world”. In the last 18 months, the organisation has grown to 40+ volunteers from schools across Singapore, aiming to showcase the immense talent of young people and their art for the good of the community, and leverage the “healing power of art” to help patients and healthcare workers through their most difficult times.

Aanya Rao has founded ‘Art:Connect’, a student-led initiative connecting the student art community with residents and patients of healthcare centres. With over 40+ volunteers from schools across Singapore, she aims to showcase the immense talent of young people and their art, and leverage the “healing power of art” to help patients and healthcare workers through their most difficult times.

NPSI encourages holistic development of its students and giving it to the society is a key element of that.

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Brave Sword Singapore Badminton Series 2022
2022 IB Results 39.23 points out of 45 points

NPSI students have over the years achieved consistent great IBDP results and 2022 is no exception! Congratulations to all IBDP 2022 students. The school achieved an average score of 39.23 points and a 100% pass as before. Seven students scored a perfect 45 and over half of the cohort scored or exceeded 40 points. The school thanks all teachers who taught the 2022 IBDP cohort, leaders and IB students and their parents for the commendable effort together! The achievement is even more special as this is the batch that bore the full blunt of the pandemic over two years. Wishing all IB students success in your next journey!

Many of our Top IB diploma scorers had their foundation in our excellent Early Years and Primary Programme! And have excelled in several areas capping their holistic education.

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Kindness Art

NPSI students unleashed their creativity in “Write for Kindness” competition held by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) by securing first place in the story-writing and illustration category with the entry ‘Mellie’s Marvellous Garden'. Our students also won the 'Best Illustration' in the poetry-writing and illustration category with a delightful piece titled ‘Paint the World with Kindness’. This campaign inspires kindness in young children and is part of our holistic education paradigm!