IB Diploma Programme Graduates
High School

Outbound Trips

At NPS, we believe that children require a healthy dose of fun and play to thrive. We cultivate this holistic environment by including international outbound trips and excursions into the curriculum. These learning based trips cultivate a variety of life skills and street smarts, and foster independence and responsibility in a safe environment. The students also form strong bonds with their peers and teachers, and learn to get by without creature comforts and parental guidance.

NPS International has partnered with a licensed outdoor education provider, Little Planet. Together, we have curated expeditions that encourage experiential learning and exploration of South East Asia. Easily overlooked and relatively unknown gems of this region become temporary homes for our plucky students while they learn unique skills and take part in adventure activities like rafting, trekking, ziplining, rock climbing, boom netting, and more! Bonding activities like campfires, communal cooking, and group games are also organised to ensure that students forge great friendships and learn about teamwork, responsibility, and confidence.

High school students also have the unique opportunity to embark on an outbound trip with community actions and service (CAS). Their international trip to Cambodia is an enriching Learning Journey where they combine tourism, adventure, volunteering and social service. They also interact with locals while they are exposed to the culture and history of the country.

Details of the journeys will be shared through presentations, mails and discussions during the school year. These trips are only for Grade 9 and Grade 11.