High School: IX & X

Assessments and Appeals

Assessment Results:

  • The School will declare assessment results via the report card (3-4 interim reports depending on grade levels + 2 consultation records per year.
  • The School will also send to parents the marked answer scripts for the students and parents review and understanding.
  • The Board results of Grades 10 and 12 are declared by the Board directly and intimated to students and to the School through an online process.

Student Progression:

  • At Grade 10 level, the progression is based on Board exam results.
  • At grades 9 and 11, the school may advise students to repeat the grade if the student does not meet the minimum criteria of 50% or equivalent.


Within 3 working days of sending answer scripts home, parents or students may appeal for review of marks to the Principal or Head of School. Such appeals shall be evaluated along with the respective marker and the Coordinator or Senior Coordinator and members of the Examination Board before communicating the decision to the student/parent.

The school will aim to complete this process within 10 working days of receiving the appeal. The decision of the School shall be final.

Any further request for review shall be dealt with as per the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Appeals for Board Exam results:

In the case of Board Exams, the student may appeal through the school to the Board. The appeal process and disposal shall be as stipulated by the Board and the Board’s decision will be final.